21g cannula

Atraumatic Injection Available Now!

CozySculpt Micro Cannula It’s specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as Hyaluronic Acid Filler(HA filler) and other injectable fillers.


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21G Cannula

 21G Cannula

    • Model: 21G x 2″ (50mm)
    • CANNULA 21G
    • Introduction Needle 21G X 30MM LENGTH
    • Stainless Steel
    • Sterile
    • Use: Use: 21G Cannula suitable for thicker liquids and gels used in facial and body cosmetic treatments, our CozySculpt 21G micro cannula provides both better flow for thicker liquids and has a longer tips for better reach.
    • Application area: face & body.
    • 20 cannulas Per Box

21g cannula

Description of CozySculpt 21G Cannula

Atraumatic injection available now!

CozySculpt 21g cannula Provide your patients with a more comfortable experience and better results for filler treatments, fat injection, and cosmetic injection with our high quality microcannulas.

CozySculpt® microcannula is flexible and has a blunt tip. These are made with the highest quality of surgical-grade stainless steel to ensure your patient’s safety and comfort. By providing a safe treatment that minimizes pain and discomfort without compromising results, you can improve customer satisfaction and build your trust and reputation with customers that have a positive experience with your practice. We offer a wide range of microcannulas in varying gauges and lengths. This variant offers a wider hole for thicker and less viscous liquids, as well as a longer tip that offers better reach to cover larger treatment areas without the need for too many traumatic punctures from injections. This is ideal for Brazilian butt lift, fat grafting, dermal filler injection, and any other treatment that uses thicker filler material like hyaluronic acid filler and autologous fat injections.

Our microcannulas come in different gauges and needle lengths that can affect the performance and quality of treatment you provide. Choose from our range of microcannulas that can handle different levels of viscosity and provide varying ranges needed. If you’re unsure about which size or length is best for your aesthetic practice, contact us for customer support.


Types of 21g Cannula Needle size

21g cannula

Why Choose CozySculpt 21G Cannula

  1. Extremely flexible blunt tip
    The needle itself of CozySculpt blunt tip cannula is made from 304 medical grade stainless steel. The streamlined design allows for a much more safer and more effective skin volume procedure.
  2. Needle tube100% automatic one-time molding
    CozySculpt manufacturers Smooth needle tube have been drewone time by 100% automatic system, ensuring the needle tube is smooth.
  3. Customer satisfied
    CozySculpt takes very strict quality control measures in each stages of production process. Before delivering the blunt tip cannulas to clients, our skilled engineers test its toughness, rigidity, punture force and other essental factors. With CozySculpt blunt tip cannulas, your business reassure your patients and customers.

21g cannula

How to Use 21G Cannula Needle?

1.Puncture a hole into the skin

The gauge of the sharp needle needs to be slightly superior to the gauge of the microcannula in use.

TIP: Use the length of the Microcannula as a point of reference to where to make the hole.

2.Insert the tip of the Microcannula into the skin
>Insertion of the tip of the microcannula should be from a 60 to 90 degree angle until the correct depth has been found.
>Pinch the skin to create a small drop of blood out of the puncture hole which should help you locate the hole.
>Stretch the skin opposite direction with the non-injecting hand to help enlarge the puncture hole.
>Place the index finger of the injecting hand close to the tip of the microcannula to help guide the cannula into the skin,or hold the syringe like a dart.
TIP: If you want to remain superficial, by pushing the cannula against the skin, The cannula bends and the tip goes back up.

3.Slide the CozySculpt ® Microcannula into the skin
As you are entering the skin, rotate the cannula tangentially to the skin surface using the flexibility of the microcannula.
TIP: If any resistance is encountered, go back and forth without forcing.

4.Inject filler in a retrograde fashion
Start injecting while pulling the length of the microcannula in and out of the skin. To change direction, pull the cannula out of the skin almost entirely, back to step two (leaving the tip at the desired depth).
TIP: You can fan the area 360 degrees around the hole.

21g cannula

About CozySculpt

Dermax Medical Technology (Hebei) Co., Ltd, since it’s founding 20 years ago, has developed and manufactured a diverse range of leading applications for anti-aging products. Our innovative products are used worldwide by practitioners, physicians, and aesthetic business owners to help enhance their offerings while providing satisfactory treatments to patients, and shipping information will always be tracked by professional Dermax staff until items arrive safely. If you are interested in CozySculpt Miroc cannula,welcome to CONTACT US.

21g cannula