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Atraumatic Injection Available Now!

CozySculpt Micro Cannula It’s specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as Hyaluronic Acid Filler(HA filler) and other injectable fillers.


18G*70mm, 21G*50mm, 22G*50mm, 22G*70mm, 23G*38mm, 23G*50mm, 25G*38mm, 25G*50mm, 27G*38mm, 27G*50mm

CozySculpt Micro Cannula Needle Price

Atraumatic injection available now!
CozySculpt micro cannula needle price is blunt-tip, flexible and customizable.
The blunt cannula “pushes aside” the blood vessel as the microcannula is moved around the subcutaneous tissue, rather than piercing it like a traditional needle would.

  • Gauge:18G 21G 22G 23G 25G 27G
  • Length: 38mm 50mm 70mm
  • Application: For low concentration and hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Areas: Superficial injection, such as tear trough, fine lines, lip and so on.

cannula needle price

Why Choose CozySculpt Cannula Needle

  • Flexible Cannula, Flexible cannulas for superficialstiffer cannulas for deep injections.
  • Painless Injection with Blunt Tip, CozySculpt’s blunt tips slide under the skin without causing any trauma.It’s virtually painless.
  • Centimetric Graduation, Indicate a symmetrical depth of iniection. Cnntact Us

micro cannula vs needle

What Are the Benefits of Micro Cannula over Needle?

  1. Painless injection
  2. Less bruising
  3. Less tissue trauma or swelling
  4. More precision for injection Cnntact Us

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Application of CozySculpt Microcannula

Application cannula needle

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