25G 50mm Micro Cannula

Atraumatic Injection Available Now!

CozySculpt Micro Cannula It’s specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as Hyaluronic Acid Filler(HA filler) and other injectable fillers.


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CozySculpt Microcannula 25G 50MM Cannula



25g 50mm cannula


Atraumatic injection available now!
CozySculpt aesthetic 25G 50mm Micro cannula is a flexible with blunt tip.

Gauge: 25G

Length: 50mm (2‘’)

Material: Stainless Steel

Areas: 20 pieces Per Box




CozySculpt Microcannula 25G 50mm (25G×2”) is an innovative cannula designed with a blunt tip for precise injection of dermal fillers.
CozySculpt microcannulas are made of the top-quality steel with a smooth surface, which reduces friction with the skin tissue.

This helps to reduce patient discomfort and improves cannula handling. It’s virtually painless.

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micro cannula

Advantage of CozySculpt 25G 50MM Cannula

1.Top-quality steel, bending 200 times at 25 degree, CozySculpt is still in good condition, ensuring the safety of treatment.

2.Smooth needle tube have been drew on time by 100% automatic system to reduce the damage during injection.

3.Needle opening applies slant 28.5° patented Cozy Angle Technology, which ensures comfortable treatment.

4.Hub marking makes the treatment more controlled and more precise, ensuring better results and more satisfaction.



As many cosmetic doctors and patients can prove, trading the sharp needle for a blunt tip microcannula dramatically increases the outcomes of a procedure. The wide assortment of microcannula choices has allowed doctors to perform both cosmetic and more invasive procedures safely.


The Microcannula technique is available in different sizes. Our CozySculpt supply 18G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 25G, 27G and 30 size gauge microcannula’s at various lengths. We sell high-quality microcannulas that will perform any filler injection task you need.


CozySculpt micro cannulas can be safely employed with a variety of cosmetic fluids and fillers, including Lip augmentation, cheek volume of the facial filling, wrinkle-reducing, plumping cheeks, reducing saggy skin and bags under the eye.  Get a quotation about CozySculpt MicroCannula!