CozySculpt dermal filler cannula buy

CozySculpt microcannula is flexible and has a blunt tip.

It’s specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as Hyaluronic Acid Filler(HA filler) and other injectable fillers.


18G*70mm, 21G*50mm, 22G*50mm, 22G*70mm, 23G*38mm, 23G*50mm, 25G*38mm, 25G*50mm, 27G*38mm, 27G*50mm

CozySculpt dermal filler cannula buy

Dermal filler using cannula is the best option! Combined with a cannula, there’s no doubt of having a more natural look, comfortably with less pain and downtime!
CozySculpt microcannulas are flexible blunt tip cannulas, that allow for atraumatic injections. The cannula slides into the skin through a small entry site, causing minimal injury to the skin. For example, the cannula tear trough filler treatment is a way to minimize or eliminate eye bags without surgery.
How to use cannula for filler that help minimize the side effects associated with dermal filler treatments. CozySculpt cannula for dermal filler specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as HA filler.

dermal filler cannula buy

Advantage of CozySculpt Microcannula

1.Top-quality steel, bending 200 times at 25 degree, CozySculpt is still in good condition.

2.Smooth needle tube have been drew on time by 100% automatic system.

3.Needle opening applies slant 28.5° patented Cozy Angle Technology, which ensures comfortable treatment.

4.More control, more precision ensures better results and more satisfaction.

Cozysculpt advantage

The difference between Microcannula and regular needle?
Microcannula has been introduced as a superior method for injection of comestic fillers, and this revolutionary method has been rapidly gaining popularity among more cosmetic clinics and doctors. Micro cannula unlike conventional needles which are rigid and have a sharp tip, Microcannula is flexible and has a blunt tip. Rather than piercing through the skin tissues, the cannula opens up its path between the anatomic structures of the skin, pretty much similar to the way you slide your fingers through a stack of paper. The small, flexible, and blunt-tipped nature of the cannula makes the treatment more comfortable than needles.Injections with microcannulas are well-tolerated by most patients.

CozySculpt micorcannula

CozySculpt Microcannula Models

dermal filler cannula

Application of CozySculpt Microcannula


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